Words unspoken, Words unread!

Murder of the innocent

Don't drink and Drive

At a time of celebration,
Drinking lager in the bar.
Go home, get changed for the night ahead,
You decide to take the car.

You're not quite compos-mentis,
You judgements not too sound.
You're driving passed the local park,
There are people all around.

You can't see where you're going,
Coz' you're searching for a tape.
Then bang! A child flies through the air,
For her there's no escape.

You didn't see her coming,
Though she lies there on the floor.
You haven't gone to try and help,
You won't unlock the door.

You were sentenced to six months in prison,
Got fined, and banned for two years.
The only thing that I have left now,
Are the memories and millions of tears.

If only I'd kept her in that day,
She would be at my side, "still alive".
It was you who murdered my daughter,
As you chose to drink and drive.............

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