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Camel Ride

On holiday in Egypt

I wanted to see the sights,

Travel like a local

Authentic and right.


I went  to hire a camel

And I heard the man say

What range do you want

Is it a two or a four day

And then he explained

It's done by a little trick

With careful application 

Of a pair of house bricks.

When pushed further

He explained the thinking

Which only can be done

When a bull camel is drinking.

Just before it's finished

Use the bricks to make a little trap

And by brining them together

Gives the  testes a sharp rap,

Thus causing the camel to gasp,

Suck in a lot more,

And instead of a two day camel

You'll have one that lasts for four.

I asked if it hurt,

The very thought making me numb.

He smiled and said no

Unless you trap your thumb,


I didn't want

To make a fuss

So I changed my plans

And went by bus.


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Camel Ride