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There's nothing left
My tears keep searching my eyes
Down through the years
Uncertainty got me wrapped in my fears
Rising every morning
hoping for tomorrow's cures
But I'm gripped by yesterday's lies
Where's the sound of the sweet breeze?
The stillness is so quiet...I must be deaf
I tried recalling sweet memories
But I guess they weren't saved
My tears make my eyes a constant slave
Who's going to paid these mysterious fees
in the skies, my eyes just won't behave
Patience is my prize pride's a constant defeat
But my stomach keeps asking me...Please
When am I going to eat? When am I going to eat?
And I say
The Lord is right by my side The Lord is right by my side
Be still Oh feet
Come sweet wind O sweet wind come, please run
Life's watching me. Misery what have I done
that you won't go away?
Desperation trying to make me disobey
There in the secret closet in his word I hide
and pray to make it through the day

Copyrights 2014
Robert Anthony James

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