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Open Ended Conversation


She hinted at her sex life

Told me the size of her shoes

And how, if she could afford,

She'd rather buy Jimmy Chu's.

Maybe these designers

Did charge rather a lot

But it was the prestige 

And satisfaction she got.

Anyway, really

Who cared about the price

Wearing designer gear

Just felt so very nice.

Told me she was divorced

Making up for lost fun 

Lots to catch up and

She'd only just begun.

Been ratarsed all the weekend

Woken up with a thrill

In a strange bed so very glad 

She was still on the pill. 

A little bit embarrassed 

At not knowing his name

But had  his phone number so

She'd ring him all the same.

It had taken her hours

To get back home by train 

And she'd been soaked

In the pouring rain.

What a great night out

She told me as she rambled on

Still talking as she reached her stop

And was off the train and gone.

Why is it these people when

They are on their mobile phone

Seem to think they are secure

In a little world of their own.

And we all sit and listen,

They don't give us much choice 

For they never even think 

To just lower their voice.

Or, maybe these days

They don't give a jot 

If tout le mond hears

The whole blooming lot.



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Open Ended Conversation