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A White Rum and Coke,

Two cubes of ice,

Tastefully decorated with

A fresh lemon slice.

First of the night

Lifted to the lips,

Appreciate the aroma,

Take a first little sip,

Then down the rest

Taken all in one,

Warmth in the stomach

The last hangover gone.

For all the rest 

Dispense with the ice

Just the rum and coke,

No decorative slice.

The night starts swimming

In a sea of chat and faces.

The world is your oyster,

These your favoured places,

The world and his mate

Become your instant friend

Lovingly cherished until

That long night's end.

Awake in the morning

In a half empty bed,

Start off the day with

Thudding throbbing head.

Work through the shift 

Trying not to think

Of the coming evening

And that day's first drink.

Just for a while

Not a single care

The alcohol killing

All sadness and despair

A White Rum and Coke 

Two cubes of ice

Tastefully decorated with

A fresh lemon slice.


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White Rum And Coke