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I Just Want To Die

Swirling in a bottomless pit
So black and cold,
The darkness beckons me
pain rages on
Despair all around me
Everyone gone.
Pain like a knife
All I do is cry!
Sinking deeper and deeper in a world of my own
Never hearing the door or the ringing telephone.

When will it stop
The pain I feel inside?
Just want to be alone
Just run and hide.
Can't eat or sleep
Just swirling down
Tears falling
Echos, what a lonely sound.
If the sun comes up tomorrow
don't matter to me
Darkness invades my life
It's all I can see!
Shadows engulfing
my body like a shell
I just want to die
cause living is hell!

Can't stop the demons raging inside of me
The swirling darkness will never set me free!
Blinds closed, doors locked,silence everywhere
Lost in the cold, dark pit unyielding despair!
Screaming inside, the pain just goes on,
So much sadness than I've ever known.
Swirling, sinking can't fight my way through
No way to survive, nothing I can do.

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I Just Want To Die