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The Better End Of Salford.

Manchester was a magic place

Compared to my home town.

My pal at the university

Was showing me around.

I got chatting with this chap,

A friend of a friend of a friend.

Who told me he hailed from Salford, 

From, of course, the better end.



I’ve never seen that man again, 

Over the years have often thought

Did his aspirations survive

Or had he got caught

In a Better End’s sad decline.

Did it slide slowy to decay

And did he in despair

Slowly gently fade away.


Was it a sad tale,

Did he descend into an early death

Bemoaning his status loss

With his last despairing breath?

The better end of Salford.

As romantic as it seems?

Or, just an etheral concept

Trapped in my romantic dreams.


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The Better End Of Salford