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 DAY 3 of national poetry month

DAY 3 of national poetry month
DAY 3 of national poetry month
Morris WEst The Navigator
All of us at one time or another dream of escaping from todays threatening world
deaf dumb and blind
a non friend
But here he draws the line because he is not the enemy of mine
still it is time to cut the cord the rope the binding ties
let him have his own identity his own reality
let him have his other friends his avarice and greed his needs
his needs outweigh his wants and views
you might indeed have lost a friend but gained a seed
he is not so stupid as all of that he will notice when you are gone and perhaps he will think about the reasons that you left him there bereft adrift in time his cursing and his skewed ideas are given from the fate
brow beater rude do this for me self centered
let him learn to navigate
bigoted ed.note.ed tortures me
for everyone that rules without that golden rule does it out of fears and ignorance will rule the masses
blind to the self and to the things they say unto others
dumb would be much better
this author was almost arressted for using electric in the park
the city blue and proper
they have had enought
of people stealing like a bank robber
they placed me under arresst for really real
and then they let me go on one condition
bank robbery would not be let go but petty theft can be let go
the police woman would not stop laughing at me
the way eye did not wish to be taken into custody

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