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 APril NPM seven poems 2014

APril NPM seven poems 2014

APril NPM seven poems 2014

RUDE people stepping into me makeing me get out of the way on this sidewalk taking my turn stepping haughtily past because they are living here somehow there is never no respect why do you not see me eye must be living here two somewhere on the sidewalk near this town or in it where eye live it


even when they see me walking on a hurry eye am moving slowly to get in front of the old man they use the entire area ahead of HIM they go

he is so slow

he is being rude to THEM

the other side of the problem area

all it means to me is how rude they seem to be

in place of looking good in spite of all they were taught those Golden RUles no one is ever nice to eye see them on the street replete repast and here today than gone tommorrow will they never stop the rude

once on a gray day a man was nice to me

it was Thanksgiving a Holiday

all the other days are grey

they did not take the pills they chilled but not in time to be

less then rude to me

very less than nice

the preacher drove upp around the corner of the parking lot in a big black truck caught the eye opening my trash bag and saw my sleeping bag inside eye was just about to dropp into the corner of the building where eye slept in the rain before he said YOU are not SLEEPING here I the preacher will call the Sheriff too patrol this area HOW RUDE and eye lost my favorite place to chill off of the street

what is a church for anyway unless it is there to help the poor HOW MEAN

APril NPM seven poems 2014

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