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Veterans Outreach Ministry

                   This is for the Veterans Outreach Ministry in Pleasant Plains, Ar. where veterans can find the help they need.

You submit a claim,
with a passion that burns like a flame.
Owe you they do,
but to the veterans administration this is not true.

 To them there are rules to be follow,
even though all the red tape is hard to shallow.
But like knights of old,
Veterans Outreach Ministry does deeds so bold.

Paul, Benjy, Ginger and Tammy is here to help,
taking you though each step.
They show you a way to find,
so that you can have peace of mind.

The compassion these folks show,
the love you come to know,
Hard they work,
so, you won't feel like a jerk.

For you they will fight,
 to do what is right.
Give thanks to God above
That the veteran can once again the U.S.A. love.

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Veterans Outreach Ministry

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