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 April 10 little indians

April 10 little indians April 10 little indians

Best Friend the problem is the other people come and make comments and she has friends old classmates and loves she thinks its my inferiority complex eye knoe it is my own jealousy she does not have a clue this is about her she sees that eye am unworthy in the eyes of her peers this makes me feel inferior perhaps love is not the answer to all her burning questions eye need to curb my feelings stop my heart felt drawn to her but that would leave me without a real answer she is the only exception to my many rules she gets away with hurting me many times a day you see eye knoe how hard she tries to reach herself to me sometimes eye let her have her train of thought while the egg dries on my face she has too many real people in her life this stupid cupid this invisible angel his words in edge wise does not really ever stand a chance of drinking from her chalice the fountain of youth is a love in truth she makes me happy and sad smart and dumb all at the same time in place of a real person because in real life eye am a dead man one little two little three little indians four little five little six little indians seven little eight little nine little indians ten little indian girls the ewe the ewe the ewe the prick me dickenson April 10 little indians - See more at:

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