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When the Pieces Started Falling Down.

Born from the storm

Th Darkest Dark

This Far Down

Big Bad Wolf

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Eats You Alive

Why must we all ache and bleed just so we can live and chase a dream that most of us will never reach I've been chained to this taste of my stolen life decaying without grace as time passes by they've made the mistake trying to cage my smile but my soul will never break with these Tribulations and Trials Even if you give more than you take there's still a hell of a price to pay a turbulent life makes a great place for flying a kite There's much more I see in you Than an open door that I see though If I were there today I Don't think it would be OK If walked out of the rain If I heard you call my name If I were there today I don't think it would be OK You don't know about this life I live So how can dare try to judge me based solely on my failures What can I make of this Even wheels turn on me down here where the rubber meets the road and silence is not what its all about if you have breath in your lungs you need to scream and let  it out we belong here between the earth and the sky and only love can bring the dead ba to life so tell me how does it feel on the outside when I'm loed on the inside don't let somebody tell you that you're nobody stop trying to control so many things that aren't within the power of your own two hands You can bury the frustration deep down on the inside you can pour your whole heart and soul into what you're doing and then try to figure out the point of living half heatedly People are evil they're not out to do good and they will smile in your face while they're filled full of hate They will lie all night and day and they're not really listening to a word you say You can't fill an empty life with more emptiness This is what you get when you try to be something that you're not The bad thing about seeing all things in bla and Grey is the beauty of the colors that you forgot but you wont comprehend this life when you die and you've only got time to wait, to see if your decisions were right Faith may be something miles away from where you're standing but I know you know that something's missing in this life you're living Not everything is gonna be the way you think it ought to be You can tell your lies and they'll tell there's to and you can both fake a smile and they'll fake one too trapped in a job you hate same routine everyday a superficial life when you're sitting in traffic developing a habit you fill your life with plastic you don't need it but you got to have it you want to be happy but the truth is that not everyone gets to have this but they all pretend to be such good men a top notch friend but it eats you alive it tears down your life such a great disguise but you're hollow inside but happiness is not a piece of plastic you can buy and put up on a shelf and dust when you have time but inside your mind you're so high and mighty that you don't need anybody you don't need somebody who's not on the outside what they are on the inside when you stand to change a life and you don't only choose to do something kind when you're in front of other peoples eyes you should learn to listen rather than to tell more lies sweet water pours from a cup have full so the vessel can be empty just like the rest of the world day after day you can slave work your fingers to the bone every muscle aches but the job is never done you can walk barefoot across cold sand your shadow could be you're only friend with eyes that are like a fire burning in the night dancing in your mind are dreams of another life you can be a man in this world who's hands are always cold one who doesn't give a damn and there's no place that you call home putting on the glasses swimming though the madness spinning is the fastest way to turn around and if it's happiness you seek you can't lose something that you never found

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