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I'm just working
to the sweat of it all
Until the long day drench my draws
We're almost lost
All along,
This twisted world is wrong
All man made material
this is my anthem song
New fools have come and gone
Try if you trust,
Young men filled with that wild lust
Look at society fall
but this is all of our call
True soldiers gotta be strong
Judge me if you must they don't care about us
Amped up talking bout to have a fit
My insides about to bust
Add another struggle
and we take another hit
Hustling struggling stressed strained
Stand your ground
til your strength drain
Don't judge me as a menace
because I cuss
Got survival programed in my brain
The world has gone insane
A pile of problems in this pile of dust
Good and bad come with this kit

Copyrights 2014
Robert Anthony James

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