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------------------ JUST  ONCE ------------------


APRIL 2014

Just Once - the King of kings wore vicious thorns as of a mocking 
Crown - Just Once - He carried - to His death - His own torture frame -   
Just Once - indeed -
Just Once - He bore three iron nails within His yielding flesh - Just Once - He allowed
Those in His image - known as man - to pierce His battered side - until both
Blood and water ran - 
Just Once - the lord of Darkness seemed to reign - 
But only Once - God bowed His lowly head - amidst the pain and said - that 
It is finished - All is Done - 
Just Once .

But Now -

This same King wears a golden Victor's Crown of righteousness - for
All eternity  - no longer is He hanging now  - as dead upon a bloodied -
Curse-ed tree - but reigns - Supreme - as Highest Majesty - and yet -
With love He prays and intercedes for lost humanity - and now - He 
Calls across the ages - Come to Me - all you who are weary and 
Bowed down with worldly care - and trust in Me - For I will lift 
You up and seat you in the Heavenly places - here 
With Me .

So Trust

For I will soon return to this great Earth - but not as One of lowly -
Humble birth - but as the King of Glory - riding on a mighty steed - and 
Then - all those who trust in Me - will be with Me  indeed - from ages past - 
They'll rise as one - and I will bring them out of danger's way - and 
Lead them Home - to everlasting love and peace - with Me -
All troubles past and gone . 

Just Once

So be prepared - or you may miss the next - Just Once of History -
That is to happen in a twinkling of an eye - when God's great 
Church - His Bride - will all be gone - to live in Heaven -
Eternally - no more to die - Just Once -
Transformed - Re-allocated - Raptured - Caught up in the air - an 
Exodus - as never seen before - Just Once -
The Bridegroom will return - and claim His Bride - 

Just Once

Before He closes - once for all - the open door of His great 
Banquet hall - and turns with tears of sorrow in His eyes -
For  all who choose to stay outside - and cries -
Just Once - and then -
No More


The Easter message is one of sorrow , and yet of the greatest Hope 
given to mankind ... God came to this earth in human flesh and willingly 
bore our sins and suffering in His own Body to Atone for us and give 
us Eternal Life , if we choose to believe and receive His Gift of 
Salvation ....

Many people have , and are assured of Eternal blessings with Jesus 
our Saviour , who is reigning as Sovereign King , and one day He has
promised that He will return for His Church , His Bride , and take us to be
with Him forever .

We who believe , know this event to be called the Rapture of the Church , 
and my prayer today is that many will receive Jesus as their Saviour and 
have that certainty that they will not be left behind when that great Day 
comes . It will only happen Once ..

But - It Will Happen - So Don't Get Left Behind .

Happy Easter to you all 

Stella ><

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