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 April 18 NPM Poetry

April 18 NPM Poetry

April 18 NPM Poetry
hark the hearald angels wings
this is a story of respect
an old man who would bother to reply
he was a young dude and asian perhaps a foreign exchange
FSU is not noted for being nice to people on the street they have so many bums and drunks who ask just for the money to eat but then they spend it on beer and liquor and whine
the boy stopped and paid attention and even listened to what eye said to him and gave me a reply
here is the unimagined conversation
do you knoe where is there a cheep computor store
and he was real careful
NO he said
he does not knoe the area but he replied to me and that makes him friendly and he paused in his busy day to tell me
he is perhaps eightteen of his china man years
and he respects his elders on the street and keeps his fears all two hisself and does not reveal his worry to the street
it was the way he gave me his intention to listen
a young man on the way to class had class
and caused me to be glad he did this for this old homeless on his street
a poignant pause in my religion a young boy ready and  willing to listen

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