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I wonder

You knew from the beginning what your fate must be.
Our eyes were blinded by sin and could not see.
You lived among us; saw our faults and frailty.
Yet you sacrificed yourself for sinful men like me.

I wonder, when you saw the ugly barbed whips,
When they scourged your flesh until it hung in bloody strips,
Did you reconsider saving this wandering child so lost?
Was there a moment when you pondered the awful cost?

When the people who once praised you mocked and spat into your face,
Did you have second thoughts about saving the human race?
As you stumbled down the cobbled street called the Way of Suffering,
Did you recall how days before they cried Hosana to our King?

As the Roman soldiers held you, pounding the spike into your hand,
Were you remembering all those you healed throughout the land?
When you cried out from thirst and they offered you vinegar with brine,
Did you recall the wedding feast where you turned the water into wine?

When you took upon yourself all the foulness of man's sin,
When the light of the world accepted the vilest darkness within,
Did you remember the disciples who swore to stand by your side?
The ones who fled, after swearing they would always abide?

As you hung in agony, gasping for each breath,
Did you recall those you had raised from death?
The multitudes who had thronged you 'round, hanging on every word,
None were there to hear the most important words ever heard.

Three words only, yet the most important you ever spoke.
Words of power and triumph, as Satan's hold on us you broke.
I wonder what the priests thought, as the temple veil was ripped in twain.
I wonder what the soldiers thought, when the dead walked again.


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I wonder