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Ronald Burger King
you might not get it your way
McDonalds managers are so not nice sometimes they check coupons to look for loop holes they seem to want to turn me down yet they have cameras now out side the restaurant eye was searching in the trash can for a drink only was eye wanting one more coke so sweet when a  Ape man came and peered into the trash can he asked me in a deep end off the  wall  voice is there any thing good inside this trash can you are looking into is mine and eye came apart and  told him where to go since eye am the one peering into the trash leave me well enought a lone and off he went to go inside he spent some time in the bathroom doing god alone knoes what and then eye got my coke and later saw this homeless man all a lone in a hotel space of tresspass but he is a great ape and is not afraid of being arressted at all the kings horses and all the kings men could not putt my homeless bag back to together again the manager said my coupons were fine the girl gave them to me from the window of her car a book of five dollars and eye only kept one a senior coffee and two egg mCmuffins now
add break here
King Burger landing
the Burger King owner was real mean he chased me from the parking lot for looking in his trash can you cannot have it your way here he told me he would call the police will arresst me the next time he finds me trying to eat here with out money eye must not be a monkey at least an orangeatang intent on surviving
it makes me sad why didnt the man offer me a free burger
cant he see an old homeless starving
and Ronald now gets all my Charity in case eye get hungry and have a few coupons to waist
no too worry me the eye is clean
folks can find alot of stuff for free

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