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Why are people so scared of God, or why are we so embarrassed to admit a belief in Jesus? Are we so self absorbed and protective over our own images that we'd rather disregard salvation as a part of life's plan? 


Maybe we are hurt or offend by the things that God has allowed to happen to us, that we don't feel sensible in trusting his ways. 


Maybe we are just uncomfortable in a public proclamation of faith in Him. Is it possible, that one day, we will regret that, if so? Regret not giving God a chance, or not taking any time to examine our own hearts to the point of humility. Acknowledging the concept of pride.... Acknowledging that maybe we don't actually "know it all" like we think we do?


Why do we try to fill that void with human love and acceptance.... when human love will undoubtedly fail you.


Why is so hard to recognize our lives as divine miraculous gifts from a Creator? Why do we feel the practical need to search for a sensible solution for our mere existence? (Or the impractical need not to??)


Why is so hard to see the two forces in our world? That there is a link to our consciousness and moral concepts. That good and evil aren't fairytales, but an invisible reality...


We are we so temporary minded. 


Life in it's deepest complexities, is, in fact, really simple; but, we are blinded by the mesh of good and evil. Confused by these conflicts. And our hearts refuse truth, why? Because truth would reveal dark secrets and pains. And it would make everything we once decided to believe (or not believe), now invalid.


We are so close, when we talk of philosophies of love, goodness and harmony, but we always miss the most important part. (That good deeds without faith is meaningless. And that God is love, and without the love of the Father, you don't really, truly even know what love is)..


Why do we harden our hearts. 


Why do we care more about anything else.


Make your life simple, I promise it'll be much richer. It may not make your path easier, but it will make your heart beat faster, and you'll always be able to lay your head down at night knowing: all is well with your soul. 


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