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SWEETSWORDS 3 { Desire }

SWEETWORDS 3 [Desire ]
By Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Patience might be a virtue
But discontent is vital
Patience might be a virtue
But to delay is fatal
Period of separation and impatient cry
Patient lover and aloof sigh.
Patience might be a virtue
But virtue is not vie
Patience might be a virtue
But to delay is to die
Period of neglect and last ferry
Hurry up story and patient's glory.
Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze
Some fed up bores and some paid whores
Punctual pimps and panicked chimps
All is well just be patient
Or if you like go for content.
Patience might be a virtue
But discontent is the aim
Patience might be a virtue
But to delay is to shame.
Mr Barzakh Fitrah Ullah : I enjoy this frontal loneliness
Because it gives me time to heal my back stab
Don't crowd me with bunches of roses
Because i am afraid of the gathering of love
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : To get to his heart i went to the
I created feast what defies bravery of Hercules for that
coward chicken
He said no wodu no ablutions can reach the inner organ
Apart from the pure thought
Yes i see it is my brains what sees your pain
But my belly lusts for your pot
I said no it is my heart what pumps the signal
What gives birth to my logic and AQL
It is i the Be Aql intelligence beyond my brain
I don't suffer from any sweat and pain
He said suffering is my veil the BARZAKH Fitrath Ullah
Yes it is i who under go every pain and distress
I said if you are in distress then i am not in Fanafillah
I am not dancing like dubious Darvesh
Nor am i doing the Zikr of rappers ILLAH BILLAH
He said to get toward the growth you must learn the
See as pressure grows till it becomes the tension
Same as when release grows till it becomes the
So when one thing grows to become another
So when you take intention toward concentration or
even little further
The Yogic meditation or even further the end the Samadi
Even than you can only reach the Fanafillah level of
But to become MUSLIM you must learn it is the
beginning level the octagonal KAABA
ONE SPEAKER LAST SERMON and one hundred and
twenty for thousand SHAHABA
Dead mad or manic seizure
Samadi Fanafillah tranche's or what ever
In it you find your self as you go in
Or you separate your self as you go out
There with Yogic plus or egoic minus without any
dilemma without any doubt
There in content trap you cease the process
Your natural system of growth and aspirations by your
contentment distress
When you reach this stage you unify everything and
think everything is GOD and you are part of him
But if you only learn to grow and ask ALLAH the AL AZIM
Oh ALLAH when i am not in Fanafillah when i am not in
I see my self as creature within the creation within the
community of
Oh ALLAH as i was born there was the time
And when i die with you the SUBHANALLAH the sublime
And i know i was not there at the beginning of the
creation nor do i know when it will end
Therefore tell me ALLAH what was your very first
Who came from GOD went for GOD remain with GOD
who became forever the GODSEND
Once you do this then you revive your living dead
And find your self at the bottom the immortal
You learn you are not the businessman only your soul
was that of the trader
Now if you know the law of TIJARAH then grow and
In this cubical COSMOS and in this circular SANSAR
From SWEETSWORDS 3 [ desire ]

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