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No matter how crazy

Your aspirations seem

Stick with it pal and you may

Fulfil your wildest dream.

His hero was Tarzan

And he did his very best,

Though because of the climate,

He wore a thermal vest

To swing through the trees 

In his local wood

To emulate his hero and, with

Practice, was getting good.

He didn’t have a loincloth

Just a pair of baggy shorts
Left over from the days when

He  partook in his school sports.

No exhibitionist he,

He Just did it as release 

From the stresses and strains

As an officer of the police.

His end came suddenly

Like a bad bad dream

When he tried out

His apeman scream:

Standing on a branch

And beating his chest

He slipped from that bough to

Get suspended by his vest.

Three days he hung there

Vainly trying to get free

Being well and truly ensnared

By a major oak tree.

His fate would have been sealed

But for a twitcher from the town

Who hearing on his sad  cries

Very quickly cut him down.

His activity became known

When he had to confess

In a report of his rescue
In the local weekly press.

Who to be honest 

Really weren't very kind.

Discharged from the force 

As being of unsound mind

He became a film extra 

For the grace and ease

With which when required
He could swing through trees.

If this story has a moral

It's that his public shame

Led to his discovery with

All it's wealth and fame.

No matter how crazy

Your aspirations seem

Stick with it pal and you

May fulfil your wildest dream.


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