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APRIL 2014.

When the stormy blasts have left and passed - leaving 
Only debris in their wake - when it seems your dreams - once full of faith -
Have vanished - as if false - or even a mistake - when the light has dimmed and
The sparkle gone - from the eyes  - that once looked full into the sun - though
Times of happy memories are over now and gone - it need not be the
End my friend - as there is hope within your grasp - and life can
Bear good fruit once more - though  the best - to you -
May all seem past .

There is One who can restore the years the locust all have eaten - and 
Give you back your confidence - even when you may feel sad - downcast -
Or beaten - He can turn all the ashes into something rare - as purest gold - and 
Make a glorious masterpiece out of a story - as yet still untold - so put all your 
Lost and broken pieces into His loving care - and He will give you a hope and 
Future - far better than imagined - or you've ever known before .

Don't just take my word for it - or what I have to say - but experience the 
Wonder of a transformed life - for yourself today - just let go of the memories
That hold you in the past - forgive - forget - and trust the One who can make 
The changes last - He will lead you by still waters - and there restore your 
Soul - He will take the locust eaten - barren years - and then 
He'll make you new and whole .

I am speaking of the Holy One - who gave His life for you - the only One that 
Knows  about the things that you've been through -  He knows the sadness 
And the loneliness - the moments of despair - He knows the fears that have 
Beset you - when you've wondered - does anybody care ? - but He is able 
To undo the terrors - and heal your wounded heart - and give you a life
Beyond your wildest dreams - and a wonderful new start .

I can say this from experience - and for what He's done for me - that -the 
Years the locust have devoured - are now buried history - and my future is 
Secure - in my Saviour's loving care - no longer rejected or unwanted - but 
Accepted - loved and precious  - far beyond compare .

So trust Him with your future - as He'll never let you down - and the locusts 
And the nightmares - with His help - will all be gone - and in their place will
Be - a new beginning - one of love and peace and joy - and the promise of
Eternal life - will be yours forevermore .


One of my favourite scriptures in the Bible comes from Joel chapter 2, which
says '  I will restore the years that the locust have eaten ... '
What a wonderful promise , and what a miracle . If you feel you need that 
assurance today , just receive this blessing for yourself as a gift from the 
Lord ....He is able to do this for you.... as He has done for me .

God bless you all 

Stella ><



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