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 APril 22 two more days to0 24 APril 22 two more days to0 24

APril 22 two more days to0 24 APril 22 two more days to0 24

April has a birthday in May be this will help me to remember her today Jimmy Stewart got so old he said he could not remember anything he had ever done he did Winston Smith in 1984 today eye remembered on the lieberry steppes how he trembled and lost the tobacco out of his cigarette afraid of going to the prison because the cameras were watching him not supposed to be smoking in this public place he got a flat apartmeant and tried to make love to a girl there and he could not keep it upp the rent was too steep upp hills and out of his mind with worry the police were ruling the city and now it is 2014 and all the city is equipped with cameras to watch the people not smoking in the area and old men still flirt with women in the park they just cant keep it upp the police are ruling the city patrolling all the while nearbye the men profile some are lovers some are fighters some are better then you are living homeless are disgraced and beaten men no pride left to defend but some are stronger then a stranger and they ahve with pride and fight they soon get weeded out and pour the liquor out a hole bunch of beer and vodka too the ground we hope they made it on the ant hill at least eye hope they spilled it in the ants supply they line the edges of the land escaping into clothing of the passerbye leaving scars when byteing me they hurt me the only good ant is a dead ant hari krishna loving ants do not pronounce me a hater only not a lover of the artistic rendering of plants without ants in a city ruled by cops ed.note.ed bed bugs byte in the shelter at night on the street is not asleep working on the light big brother is watching in fright - See more at:

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