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 April 23 NPM Poetry MOnth poem 23

April 23 NPM Poetry MOnth poem 23 April 23 NPM Poetry MOnth poem

23 Street Smarts OR why do they do what they do upp on the street ed.note.ed discarde the predicates and ad verbiage the man on the byke parked and walked on the sidewalk back and forth the patrol car was parked across the street in the sign posted on the parking lot he could not see the man the policeman not the man was begging from the cars and once the policeman saw him but did not leave and eye grow tired of watching these machines the boy was boogy woogy on the wall above the sidewalk he was dancing in his red shoes Dorthy come home he was waving at the traffic complete in side him selfish dance in place of laptop place a boy has took my seat he reeks he plays with his cell phone and hits me with the light it is dangerous PEOPLE sleeping in the oddest places under the edge of a roof beside a building closed and after hours alter egos gone home to watch tv the story on the program from the governmeant for me about the homeless epidemic dependents on the avenue is changing as we speak they are adding concrete walls in an effort to stop people there from jaywalking homeless creature they move some people off the street in fear they leave out to the forest with more beer bears surround the sound do not feed or leave more food around people smoke they feed the need for drugs people hate the white man is a joker begging for more power the comic play goes on cosmic hide aways fall short a man on skype was speaking on his web cam from the sattelite he was homeless here in Florida down from North Carolina he was so worried he would not take time to rest talking to someone so fast he did not like the people on the porch swing the camera around to hide the womans voice gather my people in the sky from the ends of the earth to be way upp high save them from the dirty city street April 23 NPM Poetry MOnth poem 23 - See more at:

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