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 March into April 29 March into April 29

March into April 29 March into April 29

it rained it stopped it flodded my street it rained it stopped it turned the sky completely read and then it started raining again it was thundering and the rain almost did not stop again now the sun is expected to make an afternoon appearance so tired of all the rain then of National Poetry month anears and when someone calls to the battle will eye come nay nay arrears eye use my time more like the accordian involving others in myh fears they move too slowly for help to arrive and so a man does not fight intrepid foes intent upon destruction remove them iff you can remove them is the important move to make remove them once again the earth will quake the sky will read mhy tome inside your happy home oven baked relate shuns me but there is some who need me to this very day they are the gold in the silver lining of the cloud the blue sky moves up into the dark clouds are leaving in the aftermath of the lightening war the thundar booming now over for another few days when the rain will come and stop and start it all again there was another rude man in my face he is a disgrace he was sleeping on the steps and telling people to go away this is a public place and when you tell a man to go you had better be bigger then a toad hit the road Jake and dont you look back take your pack and get a real job Joe are not the Lieberry guard however he will soon tell you what is what were you thinking this is not a prison and you are not in charge of dissing some of us on the street do this quite well and hope to slide March into April 29 - See more at:

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