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I was with Arthur's pickets when

They killed Old King Coal

Eventually leading to

Ex miners on the dole

Saw Thatcher's Big Bang

Which led to rogue banks 

And even greater swelling of

The unemployeds' ranks.

Saw Blair and his cronies

Wreak their own form of harm

But at least they did it with 

A certain odious charm.

And now today

Look who we've got

Cameron and Osborne

The worst of the lot.

I'll still be there 

Next election night

Too many died 

To give me that right.

But I've decided 

I'll spoil my vote 

Writing on my ballot

This little note

All of the politicos of

Whom I've ever known

Can't even be trusted 

As far as they're thrown.

You've sold off the silver

The pewter as well

May you dishonest bastards

All rot in hell.

It won't do any good but

At least I'll have had my say

And, as Sinatra said,

I'll have done it my way.

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