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The Union is the Union and

It's only because of its fights

That the working man

Had any employment rights


It was lonely on that picket

Just Dennis and me

Wielding huge picket boards

For everyone to see.

Just two standing with us 

Which was just fine.

They wouldn’t join the picket 

But wouldn’t cross our line.


Just standing on the pavement,

We weren’t allowed to do more

As members went to a meeting

Through the office back door.

When the union lost they

All wanted to be my friend

After that bitter action

Came slowly to its end.


But like Kipling's cat

I preferred to walk alone

No need to watch your back

If you stay on your own.

Redundancies soon came

And so many had to go

And when salaries were cut

I didn't say I told you so.


I helped negotiate the terms

For those chosen to stay

And as soon as I could

Left and was on my way.

Didn't even bother 

To say goodbye

Just left them to their mess

With my head held high.


In less than two years

All their jobs were gone

Made self employed every

Single remaining one.

Modernisation they called it:

I called it cutting cost

And so many regretted

Our picket line was crossed.


For the Union was the Union

And members learned the cost

Of lack of solidarity when

That industrial dispute was lost.


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