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A Bank Holiday afternoon,

On a nice warm Spring day

So we've packed up the car

And we're off and on our way

To the Antique Centre, where

I suppose the name gave a clue,

Everything was second hand, 

And they stocked nothing new.  


Rows of buildings, an old airfield,

Every room crammed full of stuff

From that in pristine condition to

The Frankly tatty and rough.

In all honesty some of it

Was appealing and nice

Until a closer look revealed

A rather inflated range of price.


I think they just thought of a figure

Some cost such an enormous lot

I was convinced they’d purposely

Misplaced the decimal dot.

But I thought of the past 

Of the history of this place

For thirty years used as an

Active Bomber Command base.


As well as antiques do those

Rooms hold the laughing ghosts

Of those brave fighting men 

Who gave their all, gave their most

So we can pack up our cars 

And drive off and away

To join the hunt for antique bargains

On a Late Spring Bank Holiday.




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Spring Bank Holiday