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Street Violence

Street Violence

Alarm goes off, it's 6 in the morning,
Time to get up and ready for school
Ya take ya shower, put on your clothes,
eat your breakfast and ready to go

Your parents says you are in school to learn
Retrieve your knowledge, preparing to earn
All of your blessings belonging to you
You are a good kid, don't hang around the fools

You do your homework, you pass your test
You stay away from nonsense, and ignore all the rest
You help your elders, you do your chores
You help with your siblings and do so much more

You eat your dinner and get ready for bed
You get your clothes out and ready to do the day again

Monday through Friday this is your routine
Never a problem child, don't even know what that phrase means
So now it's the weekend and you're playing on the block
Having fun with your friends taking free throw shots

So what is the purpose of this poem you may say?
That this innocent child I speak of can no longer play after today
Can no longer learn, no longer write,
Can no longer sing and no longer ride on a bike

Why is that you ask? It's because she's been silenced
From all of this stupid uncalled for street violence

These stray bullets that fill all our philly streets
These nameless bullets stealing our young to say the least
I'm tired of the news, showing our young
Being taken away, by some unregistered gun

To many parents are losing their child
And the ones taking them away are roaming the streets in the wild
Never answering for the damage they caused
With so much death around, it hurts not knowing who is at fault

I'm sick and tired of seeing your young be buried
These senseless killings is weighing on me real heavy
What can we do, when will it stop
Why won't they come forward and surrender to a cop
Give a family closure and own up to your crime
Give our youth a chance to grow up to live their life and we life ours.

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Street Violence

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