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MAY 2014.

Heaven - O beautiful Land where nothing dies - where 
Verdant hills of luscious greens - and purest air - become a 
Constant feast to seeing eyes - where music fills the air in perfect
Tune and tone - and angel voices join the Halleluyah Chorus of  a 
Million praises coming from the - once Redeemed  - around  God's Holy
 Throne - O earthly beings - there is no sound - however  sweet - that 
Can compare - to songs of worship - filling hearts and mouths 
And ears - of those already -
Safely there.

 How do I know such things as these ? - that tell us of unearthly joys and 
Gain - and love as tangible to touch - as if we could reach out and feel its 
Pulse reverberating through the very waves of every fibre of our mortal frame -
With such a power - and yet - with only ecstacy and thrill - and never pain - or cause
To harm - I only can repeat - I know -  But how it is ? -  only my spirit - caught up
In the realms of love itself - can answer this  -  such  unearthly - 
Truly  -  Wondrous -  Heavenly
Bliss .

To be where never teardrops fall from eyes - or hearts that break - or death
Defies - but Life - more full  - than any bless-ed kind experienced in this world
Below could ever know - such wondrous life - with no decay or death - or growing
Weak and old - but strength and peace - so tranquil in its sweet repose - and air with
No extremes of hot or cold - ' tis  this awaits the ones who have no fear of mortal death -
But only Faith - in that all-Glorious Place that beckons us - with arms of love - to let
This lesser place we now call home - release our grip - and 
Let it go - and reach 
Above .

O Perfect One - You saw me in Your dying breath on that all-conquering tree - and 
Yet - You looked with joy - beyond the veil - and saw  what I could not - in my still fallen 
State - yet see - but - Glorious Day - when from the grave You rose - and took the keys of 
Death and Hell - and broke my sinful chains and set me free - and told me - It is well - for
When I leave this clay-mired frame - wherein my spirit has been forced to dwell - I
Will forever live - with You - my LORD - Eternally  -
Where all is - There -
Forever  Well .

And - Joy of Joys - I'll know the truth of what my heart now feels - for it will then be 
Perfect in reality - as with pure sight - my heavenly eyes will then behold - the  Glory of
The LORD on streets of glittering gold - and then - with raptures - undiluted and untainted  I
Shall see - beyond the veil - and stinted imagery - no longer then a dream that some might
Call a fantasy - but face to face with Truth - more real than now the air we breath - of 
Perfect Love and Peace and Harmony - and not for
Just  a season - but for 
All Etenity .

And so - in light of that .....

My heart can only bow and say -  '  I thank You LORD   - for 
Such great Love  '  - 

In quiet humility .


If you are such a one who doesn't have the same assurance as I do of a 
Heavenly Home awaiting you ...then just ask God now to forgive you of your 
sins , and then for Him to take over your life , in the power of His Holy Spirit .

God is only a prayer away ....and He will hear you .

Many blessings to you all today 

with His Love 

Stella ><


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