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We must pay closer attention,
To everything we have heard;
And to our intervention,
Pertaining to the Holy Word.
Then we will never drift away,
From the truth as it is written;
So that you will trust and obey,
Regardless if you are smitten.
The message that the angels brought,
Was reliable and holds true;
Because of the fact it was bought,
With the blood of Christ to save you.
For every violation,
And act of disobedience;
There must be a reformation,
For allowing a repentance.
We must be held accountable,
Meaning to expect punishment;
Our actions responsible,
For the sinful accomplishment.
God verifies what has been said,
Through so many amazing things;
And powerful acts light is shed,
Gifts that the Holy Spirit brings.
The earth is not under control,
Of the angels by the Father;
Not being in charge of your soul,
Instead actually your Brother.
So do you know the Son of Man,
That you have read in the story;
Written by God within His plan,
Crowning with honor and glory.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

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