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A Rant On Being Right

he said to me...
you seem conflicted

and then he blathered on:
I'd rather be RIGHT
than be effective.

he was being contrary to
my expressed "post"
on a silly social site...I didn't even
know him...
nor know how he barged his way
into the conversation

so much for winning friends (a pun)
influencing people
so much for passing around random
advice to the  p.c. police
someone has always got to be the
right one, yes

be RIGHT alright and
see how far it gets you
and how many doors it opens
and how many people will shake your hands
and how many will smile the smile of welcome

be RIGHT all your life long
and see how many people befriend you
listen eagerly to your opinions
and show up at your funeral

a little effectiveness goes a long way
why did you cast your random vitriol
upon a complete stranger? (me)

is called kindness and compromise
sometimes we all have to do it
and it smoothes over the sharper edges
and oils the machines of civility
and even prevents misunderstandings
and the bloodshed of war.

but go ahead,
and see how EFFECTIVE you are.

Copyright May 31, 2014/
All Rights/Ideas/stories/poetry/prose Reserved/Owned By This Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo/Tilt-a-World

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