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Seek the Lord while to be found,
Call on Him while He is near;
Then you can make a joyous sound,
At the time when He does appear.
Let the wicked abandon ways,
Let the evil abandon thought;
They will know for the one, who strays,
It will be the wrath that they sought.
Let them return unto the Lord,
And He will show them compassion;
His warning not to be ignored,
Or His wrath will fill with passion.
Let them return to our God,
Because He will freely forgive;
Teach them how to honor and laud,
So in His shadow they can live.
My thought not the same as your thought,
My way not the same as your way;
For anything that you have sought,
Have roots with tendency to stray.
Just as Heaven higher than earth,
So are His ways higher than yours;
Heaven also has much more worth,
Just as how the blood flow that pours.
Rain and snow come down from the sky,
They do not go back up again;
Until they quench the ground and try,
To produce plant life that had been.
They make them for to sprout and grow,
For the farmers producing seed;
And the food that people will know,
To eat to survive and they need.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

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