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Taken Again

I am taken again; it all came rushing back to me
In those eyes I'm like a kid in Wonkas Chocolate Factory
Lost in sweet dreams of gummy bears hugs and Hershey kisses
Everything as beautiful as it is delicious
Those eyes big and brown, and as soft as a marshmallow
Like a fool I just stare as she softly says hello
Or am I just taken, thoughts, words, and all
I hear the voice of Cupid, how can I ignore his call
The dreams in those eyes are so vivid, so real
Sweet nothings you can hear, soft touches you can feel
When I awake from one dream I am taken into another
I land on fantasy Island in search of my lover
As I step from the plane there right in front of me
Are those eyes as deep and as calm as the sea
But even in a my fantasy the words do no justice
She raises her hand in greeting but I am afraid to touch it
Or am I again just taken in amazement and in aw
And the natural reaction is the drop of the jaw
Simply breathe taking, what's left but to stare
The glow of her smile, the shine of her hair
Oh how soft her skin must be
But I dare not touch even in a fantasy
So silently I gaze, distraught and shaken
Readily and willingly in her eyes I am taken
J. Moore

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Taken Again