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d-day, 6th june 2014


booted and suited bereted  badged

campaign medals on display

on these beaches of normandy

seventy years on from d-day

some of them are three legged

resting on stout walking sticks

and some of them are hale

and some are obviously sick

and for many this parade

will be their very last

so many years have gone

since their glorious past.

they stand there in silence

and they stand there with pride

maybe thinking of their survival and

remembering old friends that died.

from that multi national army

this select surviving band

accept the grateful thanks from

those of the liberated lands

and amongst the celebration

some will shed the odd tear

thinking of those old comrades

who are no longer here

in these modern days when

freedom is accepted without thought

these valiant survivors are a reminder

of at what cost their freedom was bought.


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d-day, 6th june 2014