~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`

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*********************************************************************** ~*~*`*`*~*~ ~Almost Two Of A Kind~ ~An Owl stays up hooting all night long~ ~A Cat prowls all night searching for Prey~ `They both sleep until end of daylight` ~*~*`*`*~*~ ~*~ UNDER LIGHT OF A SILVERY MOON ~*~ {A `fantasy tale of love`} "Inspired by my grand~daughter who dearly lives for `fairy tales!" ~*~*`*`*~*~ Mr Eagle Owl sits high in a very tall tree Looking for a mate he hopes to see, Cooing like a loved-sick dove is he Sending bleating calls over hills and sea. ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ Miss Kitty on her prowl at end of day Hears his call that sounds so like prey, With curiosity up the tree she scoots Following the sounds of Mr Owl's hoots. ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ Her eyes glistening in moonlight above Steals Mr Owl's heart with undying love Come with me~Mr Owl pledges love so true I'll carry you off to a paradise for two. ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ Miss Kitty dances in the light of the moon Happy she has found her a very wise groom They were married in their own special way Mr Owl and Miss Kitty under the moon they play. ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ All of the creatures from all over the land Came to see this mysterious love so grand When love comes to visit in a moon's light Its arrow will pierce like lightning's strike. ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ ******** Copyright@2007 Mary Jane's Poetry ******** ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ `Edited**2014*~All Rights Reserved* `author's note... `RePost In  Proud Honor of My Grand-Daughter Who, 7years ago, at ripe old age of 12 in 2007, introduced me to the tricks and trades of this complex computer world is now a 2014`High School Graduate who also has a younger sister graduating from Kindergarten on June 10th of `2014`.. June`2014`  is a proud month for my family considering all the celebrations added to this historical Day... June 09...Dad's Birthday June 10...Grandmother's  Birthday June 13...Daughter's Birthday June 14...My Birthday June 14...USA Flag Day June 04...Battle of Midway Begins June 15...Father's Day June 21...Beginning of Summer June 22...GI Bill Signed June 25...Start of Korean  War/ Family Member `Celebration of Life! 'In God We Reverently  Place Our Trust... 'May God Keep all of us in His Loving Care! 'Amen! ***************** `Mary Jane's Poetry` `Never Ending Circle Of Love` by `Janie/mjfb1954` ~*~*` ♥`*~*~ `audio`~`Ukulele Solo`~ 'By The Light Of The Silvery Moon`

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