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Once I had served my nation as a young warrior
With my U.S. Air Force Security Police brothers

We were all volunteers who had enlisted to serve
To defend and protect our nation during the war

We served both in the United States of America
And also in far off lands as peace keepers too

We fought in places like Thailand and Vietnam
So they could learn to defend their own nations

To defend and protect the freedom they had now
And to provide protection to their citizens too

But before we had completed the task assigned
Congress decided to pull out of the war to soon

Then two short years later in the spring of 1975
The North Vietnamese invaded into South Vietnam

And what happen was like domino's falling down
The South Vietnamese fled instead of fighting

The unchallenged North Vietnamese flooded south
And dashed everyones hopes and dreams forever

All our fallen brothers bravery was for nothing
As the South Vietnamese didn't stand and fight

Now once again we see Congress wavering again
Never yet completing what they have started

Our young warriors fight and they sacrifice
Just as we did and they've lost friends too

Now all these years later again we see it
History is now repeating itself once more

The politicians wanting to pull all of them out
Long before the job is done will they never learn

They're more concerned about getting re-elected
Than they are about all the young warriors lost
It was not their kid who was lost in the battles
They'd never put their families in such danger

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

You never fight a war just to posture, you fight it to win
it. You don't just throw the lives of young Americans away
just to play your own political games against each others
parties and use warriors as the pawns in this chess game
you play. Then while they are over fighting your war for
you, you want to use them and their families back home as
pawns in your budget games threating not to pay them just
to get the other party to give in to your demands and then
you threaten their parents too saying you won't pay them
their Social Security checks either. And then you have the
gall to ask them to fight for you and all your other hacks in
Washington DC, why don't we ever see your family members
volunteering to join up and serve our nation? Are they just
cowards? Why won't they offer to help fight these wars
for our nation or for the freedom of our allies? Maybe they
don't trust your judgements either and don't want to die for
you while you all play games with other peoples lives.


While these politicians all played their games during and after the
Iraqi War and as usual they had pulled out our troops before their
job was done which then ended up with Iraq being left on their own
to defend themselves before they were fully ready to really defend
themselves it reminded me of what happen when these politicians had
done the same thing over in South Vietnam during that war in which
we had fought and it was only a mere two years later when the North
Vietnamese reinvaded the South and they took over that country when
the South Vietnamese were left on their own too. Now once again we
see that history is repeating itself again over in Iraq as enemy
terrorists have invaded Iraq and they have captured major cities
and towns as the unprepared soldiers of Iraq are refusing to fight
to safe their own country from these terrorists just as the South
Vietnamese had done because they too were left with no advisors or
support to help finish training them on how to use the equipment
that America had given to them to defend themselves over there and
now all of these same politicians are still playing the same games
they always play with the lives of others and once more many of our
own young American lives were sacrificed as these politicians had
sent them to fight in the Iraqi war, many had died and then they
pulled them out before their missions were completed and we once
again see that these politicians were only worried about getting
reelected to their lavish jobs have our troops pulled out before
their mission was done and once again they have wasted all those
young American lives just like they did in Vietnam. And now all
these politicians still can't seem to understand why we who have
served our nation with great honor and with integrity can't stand
that these greedy self centered, self serving lifetime politicians
only really care about one thing in life, themselves and their own
cushy positions as they continue to line their pockets with all the
cash and donations they get one way or another from those political
action and special interests groups. Those who've helped these guys
to get reelected over and over again so long as they tow the lines
of their rich friends and they too become rich while they all play
their never ending games and continue to sacrifice all of these
young American lives while they sit back in Washington D.C. safe
and sound while they continue to play all of their devious games
with the lives of so many others. They've never faced any of the
dangers that we have all faced in war, for they are far too busy
with their special friends who'll continue to contribute to their
reelection campaigns so long as they play the game. It's business
as usual in Washington D.C. where all of these greedy politicians
seem to always play their usual games with the lives of others all
the time and when they do finally retire at long last, they've all
seem to leave office as very wealthy men and women from their time
that they had served in their political offices.  

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