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Hank Williams, Spoken Variation

I first heard Hank Williams

Long after he was dead

But because of his music

He's here in my head

And me and Hank have bent

Many an elbow together

And me and Hank have.

Suffered under the weather.

His music in mind

As I threw them back

Half litres of Pils

Each chased with a Jack.

But unlike you Hank

I managed to survive

Saw some sense

And am still alive.

I still love your music

But for so long 

It seemed I was living

One of your songs.

Now I listen with respect and still

Carry your music here in my head

So sad your fate left you 

Far to soon dead

At just twenty nine

To have achieved so much

And after all those years

Still have that magic touch.

I first heard Hank as a 13 year old.  During my out of control drinking years his music kept me company, both in my head and in reality.  luckily, unlike Hank, I survived and half a century later his music is still with me, and still giving me just as much pleasure.


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Hank Williams, Spoken Variation