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  October's Child

The Droughtlets and Waterlings


Collaborative penning by Pupwee and Poetic 2050

It was the season when the rains came
As they are prone to do 'most every year
There was no one deserving of the blame
When the showers began to disappear....

     >>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^ >>>>>>>>
No one thought the droughtlets would return
They hadn't attacked in a long long time
It was the droughtlets, they soon would learn
Returning to the scene of the crime....

     >>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^ >>>>>>>>
They overwhelmed the droplings and droplets
Creating dust bunnies in doubles and triplets
Sweeping away droplets with oversized moplets
Water that once ran in ripples and ripplets....

     >>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^ >>>>>>>>
Droughtlets laughed to see such success
Not thinking of waterlings still existing
And the waterlings wept to see such a mess,
Weeping so much that cloudlets were misting....

     >>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^ >>>>>>>>
Years passed by and the droughtlets remained
While waterlings girded for the war to come
There were very few clouds and it seldom rained
'Til at last the waterlings beat the war drum....

 ~~~ The War Drums' Beat ~~~

As clouds of ghostly grey began to darken the sky
The droughtlets have control of the city near by
But war clouds are gathering, pushing back the sun
The waterlings and mistings will wear the big gun


The attack was in the making, the dust bunnies would flee
Choirs of thunder form a downpour with glee
They'd cover the heavens, of the droughtlet's city
Where dust-faces covered this town without pity


The years took their toll as the droughtlets kept rein
As dust bunny circles, formed a wagon-chain
Somewhere in the distance the thunder beat its roar
The heavens rolled back; it was the waterlings'door


They hammered with vengeance across the dusty lands
Armies of waterlings kneading drought parched sands
Beating the droughtlets into puddles of black mud
The dust bunnies and droughtlets succumbed to the flood


When the earth starts tilting with the circling of the sun
And summer slides forth spreading its seasonal fun
Nature never sleeps and her wars never end
For droughtlets and waterlings belong to nature's blend…

>>>>>>>> ~~~~~~~~~~ <<<<<<<<


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