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Summer, 1939


It was a lazy afternoon

Under a skin damaging sun

As they lounged under a brolly 

Smeared in sun blocker factor 91.

The air so still and silent

You could imagine up above

The rustle of silken wings

As angels massed in love.

The ice in the bucket

Made a sloshing sound

At each bottle broaching,

Having so quickly melted down.

Wine and summer sunshine.

A sensation of tasting twice

As each mouthful washed down

A bite of watermelon slice.

That summer of thirty nine

That it seemed would never end

That afternoon spent loving

That very special friend.

But at the back of each mind the

Thought there may be no more

As nation threatened nation and

They'd slipped inexorably into war.

An afternoon to be savoured

As it could be their very last

But if they survived, a memorable

Day from a very uncertain past.

Thunder rolled around

Lightning flashed everywhere

Until after storm rain brought

Freshly washed clean air.


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Summer 1939