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Tiger Lily


I'll miss so much that

Morning  tap on my face

To remind me of

My proper place

As appointed human

To one very hungry cat

So get up chum 

And rectify that.

For  twenty years

This cat of one speed

Patiently trained me 

In her every need.

Sedately plodding,

For she didn't rush,

This elegant little

Tabby cat puss

Would inspect my TV

As though in despair

At the rubbish relentlessly

 churning out of there.

From kitten to old lady cat

She gave much joy to me,

Companionably curled up

Asleep on my knee.

As together we dozed

In my old easy chair

Such a comfort to know

Tiger Lily was there.

She suddenly grew old

Started to fade away

Would look at me 

As if to say

It’s really time for me

To  be off on my way.

In my heart now 

 One huge empty space

And on my bed 

One small empty place

As I granted to her

A quiet peaceful end

And freed from pain 

My faithful old friend.

Tiger Lily has gone to her

Happy hunting ground

Where ample food 
Is always to be found 

Without any need to,

With a tap on the face,

Remind her lazy human 

Of his appointed place.







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