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        The Unseen Role Of Denial
So tell me what does one do? Seeing there isn’t
another way except to grow old and not replenish
While our life force slowly starts to diminish.
And if Death were meant to happen…why haven’t
we all gotten ok with it? As each faces it’s inevitability
with fear of our own and tremendous grief of another’s.
If I  was asked to come here I don’t remember doing so
perhaps it was our Divine Mother who brought me
back, the one our memory seems to lack
The magnetic Yin of the Yang. The subconscious
and Unseen. The feminine principle, the other half
of what created all that Is.
The one who opened the space for Yang’s light. Once
beautiful, sensual and eternal. Filled with youthful
delight.  Spontaneous even a bit mischievous.
But Yang had a mixture of love and an unknown self
hate. Something Yang would disown and refused it’s
right place. Since nothing can be recreated nor destroyed…
How very unfortunate no one could recognize how
much denied hates role has played  in destroying what
Yin loves while being blamed as it’s cause.
What does hate do? It kills love and when in a state of
Denial it is our own self hatred appearing outside of us as
our enemy. Least one forgets we were created in their image!!
We’ve become frozen and emotionally numb, having
chopped off Parts of ourselves we’ve judged as bad, the
parts needed to lead us to Who and what we truly are.
Please let us all make a conscious effort to find acceptance
For the emotions we would normally deny. They have no
Where else except exist in the dark with fear and cry.
Allow movement where none was given, feel what has
Never known love, love what has never known it and
Begin the healing to realize our emotions hold our fate
Heaven on earth can and will only become within each of
us and only as whole beings. When our spirit and will/ yin
and yang/Divine Father and Mother are in union in our hearts.
No longer Controlled by the unseen Role of Denial. Amen 

The Unseen Role Of Denial



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