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I wanted to let my mother's friends here at know that she
was readmitted to the hospital last Sunday morning due to medical issues
related to her Alzheimer's Disease & severe dementia. On Tuesday evening
her kidneys have started to fail and the Doctors told the family that it
was not an option to put her on Dialyses due to her age and with all of
her own complications with her Diabetes and her heart issues that she is
having currently(leaking valves)as well as her own issues with Alzheimer's
disease & her worsening Dementia. My mom just turned 92 yrs. old on July
15, 2014 and in the past couple of weeks has taken a very severe turn for
the worse with all of her own medical issues, yesterday the doctors at the
hospital told us very clearly that they believe that she now has less than
two months at the very best to live and that they needed to know what her
living will says pertaining to her wishes as to giving her life support or
any resuscitation attempts to be made if they are needed to keep her alive
on life support. She had made out her living will several years ago and had
made it very clear to everyone in our family that she didn't ever want to be
maintained on any type of life support system and have to continue living
in a human vegetative state, that if she was in the hospital and it became
necessary for any type of life support to be used to keep her living that
she did not want for that to take place and to let her just die peacefully
and naturally. Sadly we have now all come to this point last night and had
to tell her doctors and the hospital staff to honor her wishes that she had
chosen to be carried out in her living will decision. At this time I would
like to ask all of my mom's friends and our fellow poets here to pray for
her and that she will be able to have a very peaceful and painless passing
when that time arrives for her. I thank you all for the great encouragement
and friendships that many of you here had given to her in the past as she
had started her own site here which is
Please pray for her!

Terry Sasek - alwaysawarrior & terryscorner
(August 10, 2014 Sunday)

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