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I first wrote this in  March 2007

Much has happened to and in our country since then
We now have leaders without a spine who lead from behind

Where are the leaders made of Sterner stuff
as Shakespeare wrote

We see and hear of Christians around the world
being brutalize and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ

Where are the leaders to stand against this atrocity
It is time for us to stand againt those in leadership who forsake leading

Kathy Collier    
8 − 7 − 2014


While sailing one day we saw on the banks of the lake
A single eagle feather resting on a large rocks
long and regal in its stance
One single feather fallen from a great eagle high in the sky
I watched it soared till my eyes could see it no more

Then I thought of time long ago
In 1782 the Continental Congress adopted
the great seal of the United States of America
In the center it has a bald American eagle
A ribbon in its mouth bears our motto
E PLURIBUS UNUM  - Out of Many, One  -

In one talon the eagle holds thirteen arrows of war
In the other it holds an olive branch
The eagle is facing the olive brance
This shows our desire for peace
BUT we are willing to defend America with all our might

We are at war now with an enemy unlike any we have
ever faced before
The terrorist attacked us without cause or conscience
They don't seem to care who it is that dies

They hate us for no other reason then we are Americans
and most of us are Christians
I think this is the worst kind of Hate Crime

There are protesters against the war
Some of our own citizens and some in congress
 wanting to end this war without winning

There are many of us who believe if we don't fight the enemy
he will destroy the way of life that we love in our homeland
The freedoms to believe the way we want to
 to worship the God of our choice
in my case I am a Christian
But I respect your right to believe the way you choose

I know what I believe and for me that is the truth
If we don't stand for what we believe
 what we believe is not worth taking a stand for

The eagle may have lost a feather
He may be having a difficult time
But I know that the eagle will overcome
this war will be won with the help of our God
The eagle is still soaring high in the sky
with arrows in his talons

© Kathy Collier  3 − 2007
reworked 8 − 7 -  2014
Photo at top © Gail Gilliam  


There are many different kinds of wars

One is the Political correct war we are engaged in now
I am tired of Christians and other Patriotic Americans
not voicing our beliefs for fear of persecution

As I stated before
I do not want to take anyone's rights from them
BUT I do not want my rights taken away from me either

We must not hold with careless hands
the freedom we in America have
We must voice our opinions

We are at war now with
an enemy both foreign and domestic
unlike any we have ever faced before

America is a beacon on a high hill
a light that shines in a dark world
God willing we will leave this road to Socialism

AND return to the beliefs America was founded upon
With God's might we will overcome
with the eagle soaring high in the sky

Kathy Collier  added 2 - 2013


Music:  As the Deer Panteth -  Jim Greeninger

Taken from Psalm 42: 1
 Holy Bible   King James Version  

1. As the hart (deer) panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God.


I pray America will wake up before it is to late for our Country
and turn again to the belief and worship of The One God who gave us this land

 8 − 7 − 2014

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