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Mork from Ork
Died today
He couldn't keep the depression
Like a drug-induced coma
After a motor vehicle accident
Robin killed himself
And he's went
To another place
Where there is forgiving
Leaving me here
In the this world
To be living
Grasping at the grass
On the other side of
A deep canal
It was there for me at six
To keep me here awhile

What kept him here?
What was his woe?
What is it made him
Hate himself so?
To leave his children
All three
Here on this Earth
While he's left for Ork
Only God knows
What straw breaks the camel's back
When it is loaded
With what's out back

In front of us
We show the world
Our best
While inside the depression
We remain the devil's guest
As he pokes us
And he prods us
As he forces us to cry
And how we want to be the good
That others see
Although, to us
It's only lie
We cannot believe
We cry
We grieve
We drink
We cuss
No one we trust
To do us right
Lost in that darkness
Day and night
And get so tired of the fight

God Bless you, Mr. Williams
Nice and
Even as a grandma
Wasn't bad
Farewell to you
Best alien
This world has ever had
I'll see you soon
Under some full moon
In the planet Ork's sky
Where there is no thing called
Where we'll all be happy spirits
Where there is no death
Or tears to cry
Or kids to leave
Or fans to grieve
Just the land of Ork
Where Mork will be
Right now
I'll see
My Robin Williams there
A spirit being funny
We'll blend poetry and laughter
Until it drips like Orkian honey
From the tree you planted there
To tell the Earth you're sorry
Because the pain was too much too bear
For one so sentimental and comedic
All at once:

"The moment came
I let it take me
Like a dunce
A big mistake
I just so ached
And couldn't take it
The devil's darkness
Has gone away
At least, up here
Forever, I'll stay
And wait for you to live
Your worth and see it fully though
I wish I could have kept living for you
While now
I'm gone
Not a turn on
Killing yourself
A horrible health
Of nonexistence
From depression's persistence
That took me down
I love you
From up here
In the sky
We'll meet again by and by
So until we do
Keep writing verse
Breathe the air
And curse the curse
Of the mania that comes
To the depression
That sleeps
It's just the way of the artist who weeps
To be understood"

As he beats himself up
While moaning and whimpering cute lil pup
Just wants some attention
A pet and a bone
A clean bed to lie on
Some place to call home
The sunshine to greet him
The moon to do night

Takes light
Turns all into darkness
Until there's not one second more
That a man like Robin could take it
So I understand his core
An artist like me
Comedic then in misery
Thinking you're never good enough
Until the day it's just too tough
To go on any longer still
So you do what you do to self-kill
The pain on the brain
That is driving power
Of the devil called depression
Dripping poison every second
Of every hour
In your mind
Until you break

The devil took a good man
Who has forsaken
The rules of this planet
That killing is wrong
So he's not dead
Just headed home
To Orkian song
That he will sing
That you will hear
If you go outside right now
When the full moon's clear
And look beyond it's light
To a small glow to the right
Up top the moon
Where Ork's live
Where Robin's headed
Be home soon...

8/11/2014 2335PST cj

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