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okay, that was a weird one

a child has a bucket
the kind you use by the seashore
and he is scooping with all his might
right in the middle of my chest
it aches in there
it has ached for quite some time

I ask this too brightly smiling child
to give me back what's in the middle
of my chest
but he smiles only just a little bit more too brightly
and then he pinches the corners of his
eyes into a glare like they were pulled seams

I become frightened
I don't think he is a real child
I put out my arms in some pantomime of
this is not the seashore
no Sir-ee
I hear no gulls no waves
the air is not moving
it is neither cool nor hot
it does not even seem to be a real place

the child shows me his shovel again
and I decide to break it in two
he looks mighty angry with me
bares two long red incisors
licks them with a long black forked tongue
and then begins to give chase

its not easy to get away in the sand
in no-count flip-flop shoes
in the distance
I look up
see my people cheering me on
like I am in some kind of race

I look down
the flip flops have vanished
in their place I've sprouted feathers
at my ankles
and I feel an itch near
each shoulder blade

leaving the ground
I land next to
all my people

they are shining

I don't know if
I'm amazed confused
or relieved
they speak to me with their thoughts

when I look back at the grinning fiendish child
he's  stopped in his tracks
there's a pointed scepter in his hands
his face is red and he has sprouted great horns

says the thought of one
of my shining relatives
you are safe now

thank goodness
for lucid dreaming.

copyright August 15, 2014
Writer reserves all legal rights to her
poetry, stories, ideas, rants et cetera.
All I can attribute this one to is all
the 90 plus weather we've been having lately
Meloo/Melissa A Howells straight from her Tilt-a-World

for those of you who don't know what
lucid dreaming is...look it up, you will
learn something interesting.

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