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At The Sailmakers II

The ‘dozers have been in

Ripping history apart

Clearing those old buildings

So redevelopment can start.

The old Lord Line building, 

Part derelict and now alone

Looks so much sadder

As it stands there on its own.

Once a place of pride but now

Overlooking a silted dock,

Half filled in for a shopping park,

And the remains of St Andrew’s lock,

Whose historic gates have been left to rot

So they are barricaded by barbed wire

To close the right of way across

And the layers of mud rise higher and higher.

The White Fish Authority 
That was once housed there,

A not too old edifice,

Is gradually sliding into disrepair.

This a vandalism by neglect

A modern developers’ crime

Making preservation unlikely and

Uneconomic with the passage of time.

This could have been a peoples’ park

A celebration of a prosperous past.

But there is no time for sentiment

And commerce has won at last.

What monstrosities will they throw up

In profit and lossess name?

To me its a monstrous sin

To them just a continuing game.

They had the patience to

Bide their time and wait

Then send the ‘dozers in

When conservation was too late.







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At The Sailmakers II