Karma Of Sarma


Hey beloved,
I just wanted to send you
a valuable token,
easily fitting in your hearts corner
So you can always reflect on it
Assured I care.

I'm still here.
No rose or handwritten letters
This time,
my precious affections
and gratitude.

I see you
Handsome Muse.
We talk about life's vibration
and channel on a higher level.
Thank you kindred,
You opened my favorite expression again,
this time is different.

I have regained my power,
I have realized my strength,
I have visualized my dreams,
I have declared my intentions,
I have awakened,
and it makes me extremely excited.

There are things I have focused to change
There are people I have removed (or shortly will be)
There are goals I have set to achieve.
I feel connected to my souls mission.
I feel exotically different.
Thank you for being a mirror for me
and silently encouraging me to live my dreams.
What was okay in 2008 or 2012 no longer works for me.

This is the greatest gift I have ever received.
You have set me free,
while he confined.
You have awakened my passion,
while he turned me away.
You have been a guide for me,
while he abandoned.

You have replaced my anger and hurt
with fields of everlasting purple roses
and sunflowers.
Beautiful and sweet.
Thank you.

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