Without you

If i could only be with you now.
It would feel like my dreams came true.
I crave your loving tender kisses.
I long to be with you.

I miss everything about you Dan.
My heart has been split in two.
My eyes are stinging as they hold in tears,
At the pain I feel without you.

I feel like the light has gone out
and I'm struggling in the dark,
I feel like I am a candle without a flame.
Just waiting for the spark.

I cannot explain the way I feel,
I just have the worst pain,
There's a gap in my life,
And only you can make me whole again.

I miss, I love and I long for you,
So please don't stay away.
Dan you are the other half of me,
No words can even begin to say.

Distance and time means we are apart,
And don't know when we will be together,
But if being with you means I have to wait,
Then I'd do so forever.

Vicki Wroe, 24 (c)

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Without you

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