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My Friend Dan,

You sound unhappy once more and are saying Good bye. I think I know why you are unhappy. I want you to think about this. First of all PP is the best Poetry Site on the Internet. The most important feature of PP is its design. Our sites are totally independent sites within PP. without any interference from the management or anyone else within terms of service-TOS. The second best feature is Tony's design for interaction among the poets. This includes all poets' new poems published in one place- we call it Last 100 poems. Feedback club, Daily contest, Friends list, The Message Center and facility to send any poem to anyone you care to send by email. Facility to receive feedback and guestbook entry.

These all is on top of our independent Poetry Site.

I know you do not like one feature of PoetryPoem. There is no restriction on how many poems a poet can have on his site. Combined with new poems published in the 100 poem list gives readers access to new poems by all the poets on PP. You are objecting this unrestricted posting in 100 poems list and by doing that you are indirectly objecting how many poems a poet can post on his/her site. This would take away the independence and freedom from interference from each and every poet on this site. Then PoetryPoem will be becoming a Forum. I doubt even you want that to happen or DO YOU WANT THAT?

We have to pay price for freedom. Tolerance can help peaceful coexistence. Consideration can help and inconsideration can cause friction and discontent.

You are worried about getting poets' poems read and you think 100 poems list is the only means of getting your poems read. NOT TRUE. Our poems are read all over the world globally. A readership base is formed where poets return to your site and read your poems � not in thousands but in millions. 100 poems list contributes a fraction of that poems read count. It is the attraction created by your poems brings readers in millions to your sites to read your poems and not the 100 poem list.

I hope this helps.

Take care,

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

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