once upon a time 
  john Mc Guckin

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Hello, ah who are you, oh sorry
I'm a stranger here though I would
Introduce myself to you, oh okay, but
Who are you? Well I come from overseas.
Overseas, whereabouts,Europe oh

That's interesting sit down let's talk awhile
Never been overseas never known what it's
Like to be a stranger, every one round here
 knows each other in fact you're the first person
I've every met who's not from Here. Are you serious,
how come you are able to welcome me

Well I think that's because I'm bored with all the same faces
We're all born and bred here know each other's
Whims and foibles, but you know what, what, it's
Really good to meet you, a stranger here in this area.
Area, what's that, it's here ,we're  sitting, strange term
You people use, seems to me you outta get out more.

I've been around and here I sit you've welcomed me
If you get out there and meet others you Never know you'll
find they are no different from you. Maybe I will, leave-
End up like you, enjoy the company of strangers.

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